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Article: How desire and purpose lead to branding

People want to achieve things in their own ways. When it comes to the purchase of a product or service, the will to transfer an amount of money takes place through the desire to achieve a certain purpose. It would be nice to be the brand which the target group wants to achieve their purpose with. I have three assumptions as to why this can be achieved.

First, the more the products or services of the brand match the desire, the faster the desire will opt for those products or services. Secondly, if the connection between the brand and the desire is strong, then the desire will choose that specific brand faster to achieve a certain purpose. Thirdly, when the distance between the specific purpose of the target group and the products or services is smaller, then the relationship between that specific purpose and the brand becomes stronger. Here we are talking about possible life customers.

The role of products or services is simply to help fulfill a desire and achieve a purpose. The brand not only knows what the desires of the target group are. The brand also pays attention to which purpose the target group wants to achieve.

Finally, a few steps how a brand can create a connection with the target group:
1) generate interest by appealing to the desire
2) translate the desire into forms of experience
3) offer a solution to fulfill the desire and the purpose
4) describe the solution in forms of products or services
5) tell about the profit when purchasing the product or service