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Article: How to activate a brand connection through digital channels

Not only can the brand be activated towards consumers, but also vice versa.


A strong connection consists of a two-way traffic.

Often only one side of the connecting line is opened, while the other remains closed. The side that is opened the most is that of the brand.

The brand wants to be clearly present and findable. The presence of the brand will be noted to the right target group.

What is often missing is the activation of this target group towards the brand. You can also see it as calling the target audience towards the brand.

Below a number of activities that form part of the connection.

1. Activate the brand digitally towards the consumer.

This includes, among others

• The digital presence and commitment of the brand
• The awareness about the brand
• Brand communities
• The consideration for the brand in the market
• The visibility, sympathy and reputation of the brand.
• Campaigns about the brand
• Promotions about the brand
• Direct marketing about the brand
• Online Communities
• Creative thinking with the help of the brand
• Problem solving orientation using the brand
• Content creation
• Brand activation
• Influencer campaigns
• Digital marketing trends, tools and channels (Search, Display, Social, Video, E-mail)

2. Activate the consumer digitally towards the brand.

This includes, among others

• Managing customer lifecycles
• Consistent customer experience
• Customer centricity
• Customer relationships
• Touch points (online / physical) that measure customer needs, satisfaction, and an exceptional experience
• Customer lifetime value
• Customer retention
• Connect with and amplify the voice of customers
• Customer insights and feedback
• Customer marketing programs and activities
• Design and smooth the consumer journey
• Lead nurturing
• Consumer lifecycle communications
• New leads into the database