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article – Linking digital campaigns and digital channels

When preparing a digital campaign, it is important to also check the content on the digital channels. Do the campaign and the digital channels fit together? The similarity between the campaign and the digital channels of the brand, product or service will ultimately be reflected in the online behavior of the users or customers. The digital behavior on the channels can provide an indication of whether the presence of the digital campaign is successful in bringing the brand, product or service closer to the users or customers and in the success of the effect. This can result in increasing the digital visibility of the brand, product or service.

In addition, digital behavior may prompt further research into what other changes can be made or added to improve the similarity between the digital campaign and the digital channels. When a campaign proposal is created in which, for example, the intentions, objectives, target groups, approach, channels and lead time of the digital campaign are recorded, it is important to reach agreement on that proposal in order to further develop it into a plan.

To increase the success of the digital campaign, it is necessary to create parity with the success metrics. This is to guarantee the campaign objectives. To achieve the success of campaign goals, both metrics and key performance indicators must be taken into account. Furthermore, any changes to the digital channels should be discussed before the digital campaign is implemented. Examples of this are visual changes in the web design and textual changes in any copywriting. Any possible change is based on the campaign, to align the objectives with the digital channels, so that the similarity between the message conveyed through the campaign and the content distributed through the digital channels remains recognizable.