Shaping and developing a brand story that can add value to the experience of users or customers can be, for example:

(re-)Launching a brand, product or service.

Shaping the brand story and providing more structure.

Determining which direction to take with the brand story and its experience, and how to approach this.


e-joining believes that companies can create a distinctive sense of value through a connection with the users or customers.

Mission towards shaping and developing brand stories

e-joining focuses on how brands can differentiate themselves in the market, to highlight their unique values and characteristics and connect them with the needs and characteristics of their target audience. To broaden the brand and marketing representation.

The result

  • Brands reach the target groups that suit them
  • The target group experiences exactly what they are looking for
  • Brands, products or services become more attractive
  • A new image of brands, products or services is created