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article – Statistics through different marketing channels

Why it is necessary to collect statistics through different channels.

Why is it necessary to inventory, analyze, develop data, formulate new advice and develop reports for digital campaigns for brands, products or services?

Using various selective channels during campaigns contributes to increasing the visibility and findability of a brand, product or service. Also to see which channels perform best organically and paid. To see which digital acquisition channels did the best or how the rest performed. Especially if digital channels are used as the most important marketing and communication channels.

To get the maximum results from the campaigns.

For example, being results-oriented and always asking what else is possible. Especially when it comes to developing the connection between a brand, product or service and its users or consumers.

In addition, collecting data on how the online campaign performed to achieve the campaign objectives. And explain how the results are achieved. Because every campaign has different content and different goals.

It is mainly about answering the question to what extent users or consumers visit the landing pages. To what extent does the target group choose the company’s services or solutions? But what would they like to see? Where does that lead again?