What form should the brand story take?

What kind of story and experience should the brand evoke for users or customers?

What results should the brand story lead to?


What is the kind of story about

Companies want to translate the brand story to the users or customers.

Who is the brand story intended for

Brands that want to be distinctive in who they are and why they do what they do, but also want to add value to the experience of the users or customers.

Why is a brand story necessary

Brands want more engagement, more exposure, more visibility and more revenue.

These goals call for more attention to the needs of the users or customers and to add value to their experience.

About the form of a brand story

Shaping and developing a brand story, is for example:

  • what is the desired perception of a brand, product or service.
  • capturing the story behind a brand, product or service and creating the image of what the experience can be.
  • creating strategic (digital) products and concepts to experience a brand, product or service.

My name is Suetlana Wall and I like to develop the exclusivity and strategy for the brand story:

  • for the brand, product or service
  • towards the users or customers
  • to translate it into strategic (digital) concepts or products