Something to think about brand story & digital experience

article – User or customer involvement with the brand

Connecting with users or customers actually is about how you can get users or customers more involved with the brand, product or service. By developing a new way of interacting with the brand or connecting with users or customers through a new way of offering the products and services.

Maximizing opportunities

Companies are looking for ways to maximize their opportunities for revenue growth. With marketing they try to achieve more website traffic, lead generation and sales growth. However, it appears that the company’s brand name or company name has a weak (digital) presence. In the same breath, the company wants to strengthen it, or even want to create a (digital) presence.

Customer loyalty

Also companies want to understand how their brand can be better recognized and identified (digitally). Yet they find it important that their brand name or company name has a stronger digital image and presence. Companies also want to understand how to define themselves. But also want to attract customer loyalty. Companies want users or customers to relate their products and services to the brand or company name and vice versa. The type of operational process, such as product design, service design or website management, they should implement becomes important.

Digital presence

Why is connection with the brand, product or service important? It’s actually more important to help companies create a strong digital brand presence. It goes a step further than just mapping who the company is and what the company does via digital channels. Or marketing what the brand, product or service is and what the brand, product or service does via digital channels. It is not just about how the company, brand, product or service is created offline. Neither it’s about creating a connection between the brand and its users or customers by using digital technology and innovative ideas. It is about translating the brand story into new solutions. For the realization of the market, brand, product or service. This way the company can get closer to the customers or users.