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Article: More interest in a brand due to its characteristics

It is underestimated how quickly we choose a brand based on accelerated information about that brand. Marketing contributes to this to a large extent. Marketing determines the way in which we evaluate a brand, service or product.

We often evaluate a brand based on:

1) the characteristics that are illustrated

2) our interpretation of these characteristics

A brand makes direct contact with its target group through products, services and even ambassadors. The characteristics ensure that the brand “lives” more among the target group. To stimulate more interest for the brand, a connection can be formed through marketing and communication. Naming characteristics not only adds value to the way we think about a brand, service or product. More attention to the characteristics will also increase the importance of the brand.

Again, the way we evaluate the brand is based on how the characteristics  are illustrated. In addition, our evaluation depends on how we think about these characteristics. It is even better when the characteristics of the brand form a match with the desires of the relevant target group.

How to gain more interest for the brand:

1) which characteristics of the brand are important?

2) what do these characteristics mean to the target group?

3) In what form(s) are these characteristics implemented in the marketing campaigns aimed at the target group?