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Article: Does the product reflect what the brand stands for? An example

A product is a reflection of the brand. The brand communicates what its products are intended for. This message is then translated into what the package looks like. Read below an example of the Olaz brand with its latest Whip product line.

Need: day and night moisturizing anti-aging care of the face and neck

Brand Name: Olaz
Product name: Regenerist Whips
Product type: Skin care (face)
Origin: Poland

In brief: Olaz Whips Regenerist day cream actively hydrates and provides reinforcement for a lifted look

  • Reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Contains a powerful anti-aging formula that instantly absorbs.

What is the product intended for:
The Olaz Whips product line has been created by Olaz scientists to offer women a light-hearted finish and powerful results they have missed so far with their current day creams. Olaz Whips contains active ingredients and Active Rush Technology TM, which has the capacity to offer 1000x its own weight in hydration. Whips changes from cream to liquid when it comes in contact with the skin, so that the anti-aging formula is absorbed immediately and gives a feeling that it is as light as air.

What the package looks like:
The essence of the product can be seen in the packaging. The exterior of the Olaz Regenerist Whip design consists of the stripes that you see when a blender is on. Also comparable with a whip-wisk. The color of the package is wine red. A deepened oval shape runs at the top of the lid. It seems like a finger passes an amount of cream from a jar. The lid offers a simple grip of the package.

What does the product look like:
The cream has the same look and feel as a freshly beaten mouse. Soft. The cream has a silk white color. The cream is slightly mobile with a firm texture. The cream contains a slightly reflective effect.

How does the product feel:
Weightless. Slightly mobile due to the hydrating formula Active Rush Technology TM and feels extremely soft and smooth when applied to the skin.

How does the product smell:
Slightly fruity, sweetly perfumed, feminine.

What result does the product give:
A light weight treat for those who don’t like the creams that feel greasy or heavy. The cream gives a mattifying effect immediately after application to the skin. The lines are visibly filled so that the skin tone looks clear and gives a nicely cheerful appearance. The skin glows and looks fresh. Certainly worth it in warm temperatures. In cold temperatures, one to two drops of a facial oil can certainly provide more nutrition after the cream.
The packaging has a chic and fashionable look and the content gives results. The price is certainly right for these two arguments.

For whom:
Ideal for oily skin, dehydrated skin and women who prefer not to feel greasy. Even women who want to start an anti-aging ritual early on are certainly a nice start.