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Article: Brand experience through communication

What does the brand mean for the target group? What value does a brand have for the target group? What does the target group do with the brand?

Brands had the idea that they should just stand in front of the target group and the target group will follow them blindly. The best practices are learned through experience. Especially from the target group who can carry a certain idea about the brand.

Yet the question is, which experiences lead to strong brand awareness, brand visibility and higher conversion among the target group? This can, for example, be the brand experience experienced by the target group. Or this can be the communication aimed at the target group. The experiences that can lead to more acceptance of the brand depend on the intention of the target group at all with the brand. Not because of the intention of the brand with the target group. This is still the biggest gap between the brand experience of many companies and their target audience. They want to talk about their brand, without considering that the target group ensures a connection with the brand. The connection transcends the superficial experiences they have with a brand. Rather, their needs or behavior are addressed.

The experience with the brand starts at the top. When it comes to brand communication, this includes communication resources and communication strategy. Yet there is a lack of a communication experience. One where target groups want to go along with the brand just by thinking about it.

Adding the communication experience offers more direction how the brand would be experienced. Communication experience can be seen as part of user experience with the brand. Ultimately, the brand experience is the result of the communication strategy, communication sources and communication experience.