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Article: The support of the long-term stimulation through mobile

Some of us are sensitive to what we see, smell, taste and touch. Imagine for a moment the following: someone walks in front or behind you and you catch just a hint of their perfume , which is oh so indescribable, yet catchy enough that you’re going to ask that person the crucial question,. This is the question that every brand dreams that their consumers  will start a conversation with. This is the question, which will enable the marketing to be re-energized. The Q is “what product / brand do you use?”

Why is this question asked by consumers? Will they prefer to hear about the brand or the product from  another person instead of being carried away by a proposed online advertisement of the brand? How such experiences can be answered with a purchase?

The support of the long-term stimulation through a mobile application

Stimulus (a change in the environment of an organism or a tissue that has the effect of a particular reaction) , are short-lived . The stimuli are time bounded and to respond to them, the time and place are crucial. However, I believe that the technological possibilities that will ensure that the stimulation will ultimately result in the purchase of the product or service . I am convinced that one of these possibilities would be a mobile application. Why ? Consumers availability has changed through the years.  The brand wants to interact with consumers and engage consumers themselves undergo an interaction with each other . The latter may therefore also have an influence on the interaction with the brand of the product.