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Article: My tribute to the consumer

I believe in a restored relationship with the consumer. That their wishes are accepted with more confidence. To listen to them with accuracy and without making any interruption. No excuses will be given to the consumer when he has something to say about a product or service. He or she experiences an inconvenience and he wants to be freed of it by making use of what you offer. But by taking a business or an aloof attitude towards the consumer, he or she will conduct a certain removal from your communication line.Your experience and the experience of the consumer should remain separate: only one person at the time can be the consumer. When it is his or her turn, then he or she has the right to demand that quality time. To regain the confidence of the cusomer, one must begin by laying confidence in the consumer. Have faith in his or her wishes, since he or she is the first in line for the majority of the (interactive) developments that occur around your product or service.

So, my dearest consumer, I hereby thank you and I love you!