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Article: Determine an approach for digital marketing

The main purpose of conducting research to develop an overview. To be able to translate and implement the campaign objectives. Which, how and where the campaign objectives should be implemented. Also the steps and choices to achieve this. These choices can be based on, for example, the use of the digital channel and the target group. Also the results this channel has produced. And even previously developed digital campaigns for the target group or applied to the channel that match the campaign to be carried out.

Creating an overview of how the campaign will be executed is important. From the description of the objectives to the types of channels that will be analyzed. Because it concerns which metrics are important for the analysis at the end of the campaign. This is not only essential to keep track of the choices for implementing the campaign. Also to make adjustments where necessary during the campaign. Ultimately, such an overview provides an answer to the question: Whether and how are campaign goals achieved at the end of an online marketing campaign?