Brand: Marketing approach brand TriMotion

Marketing approach brand TriMotion. Development of the marketing strategy


TriMotion’s request was to develop a handbook. This handbook should contain a practical approach, real-life examples and improvements for marketing the TriMotion brand with the intention of applying this approach 1 to 2 days a week.

For this I developed an approach to give the marketing of the TriMotion brand more structure for a better translation to their communication channels.

Process description

  • A short questionnaire was used to collect the needs, desired results and expectations of the TriMotion partnership.
  • The marketing objectives and marketing strategy for the TriMotion branding have been determined through a theoretical study of overall brand design principles, strategy and execution.
  • By using the TriMotion organizational manual the communication target groups are classified according to the need that each target group may have with regard to the services of TriMotion.
  • Both the mental brand identity and the visual brand identity of TriMotion have been worked out. Here too, a theoretical study and TriMotion’s own organizational manual were used.
  • The necessary examples have been collected for the branding of both TriMotion and its projects. Improvements and tips have also been added.


  • Practical handbook branding
  • Mental brand identity and visual brand identity


The wishes of TriMotion: • cause • goals • target audiences • question • Results

Marketing of TriMotion: • marketing objectives • marketing strategy

Communication target groups

Mental brand identity and visual brand identity

Branding through internal channels and resources

Branding through external channels and resources

Specific social media channels: • Recognition of TriMotion • establish visual relationships with TriMotion • branding and services • Branding of the projects • points of improvement

Brand management


Mental brand identity TriMotion

Visual brand identity TriMotion

Suggested layout for the website