Concept: Value proposition for e-joining

A value proposition for e-joining

  • Organisation: A pilot traject by ROZ Groep

– to properly position the companies name, products and services among the target groups.
– to give the marketing and content of the brand more structure (which way do we want to go and how are we going to do that), and form a connection between the various elements.
– to develop the brand content that supports the sales activities.
– to develop brand content for better positioning of the company name, products and services in the market.

Description helps companies better connect with the market by providing them with information and advice on how to better market themselves. That’s why I have developed a digital channel aimed at blog posts about brand content. How to apply marketing and communication to brands, especially on digital channels and when offering (digital) products and services.

The vision of e-joining dot com is to make companies feel better in the market.  As result:

  • The companies get the target groups that suit them.
  • The target groups get exactly what they need.
  •  Positive image of the company is formed.
  • Companies become more attractive.

The mission of is to help companies initiate and develop brand content and marketing for their target groups.

With various blogposts can offer:
– Professional approaches to properly position a brand, product and service in the market.
– More structure to the marketing and content of the brand using strategy.
– Development of concepts, ideas and propositions for new market opportunities, support of sales or even better positioning.