Concept: Campaign “motivation” for leadgeneration call center

Campaign for recruitment of new leads (sales agents) for call center

  • Organisation: Unamic / HCN, a Xerox Company


Marketing campaigns for the recruitment of new call agents as a target group. The campaigns focused on the visibility of the callcenter vacancies at Unamic/HCN and the visibility of the organization.

Process description

To recruit call center sales agents with the “Motivation” campaign theme, I first brainstormed to identify several keywords that represent a common sales experience across a product and service environment. From this, a main keyword has been chosen as an important quality that occurs in the contact with the customer. This main keyword was then further broken down into sub keywords. These sub-keywords represented the general personal characteristics of a sales agent. As the campaign expanded, I could easily apply the other sub-keywords that would describe a sales agent experience or represent other personal characteristics of a sales agent. But also visualizing through new campaign design.

An action plan was made, consisting of a campaign description, goal, marketing activities, visuals and channels. For the visuals, the chosen call agents were photographed at the Unamic/HCN work location. Then the photos were collected and edited and the campaign text was written.

The communication material for the campaign was graphically designed. The campaign texts were written by the content writer. The material was published through the different channels such as websites, newspapers, google display, billboards, facebook in collaboration with the online marketer and third parties.


  • Google display
  • Billboard ad
  • facebook ad
  • Banner ad