Concept: Annual MKB Twente bbq event

Annual MKB Twente bbq event for members

  • Organisation: MKB Twente


The aim of this event is a meeting where the MKB Twente members will have the opportunity to meet and get to know the Strategic Partners better, based on themes

Process description

  • The script is made, consisting of description, purpose, program format. Suppliers and third parties have been approached so that the requirements and information can be aligned and the tasks are divided
  • The new event page on the website was created together with a registration form via one of the partners
  • For the personal invitation, the image about the event is designed
  • The event has been announced in the newsletter
  • The one-to-one digital invite was created and sent to members and partners
  • The event was promoted on the website and through social media channels (this post outperformed all the other posts on the facebook page)


  • Campaign design Jaarlijkse MKB Twente BBQ
  • Facebook result campaign Jaarlijkse MKB Twente BBQ