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Article: How to recover a marketing strategy in an unusual way

People hardly speak about a recovery in marketing
In the marketing group you almost hardly hear anyone say ‘I left and now I’m back’. I am amazed how little is spoken about a recovery method or strategy after an (online) marketing strategy has had a blackout for some time and has to be restarted again.
Besides the fact that the presence of marketing is continuous and constantly innovating, the popularity of marketing is the main reason why a blackout is considered almost a taboo. Start where you left off and you are there is easier said than done because for a slight moment you are paralyzed with the Where, the What and even the Why you should be back in the game anyway.

From the time I took a step out of the marketing strategy game, I was no longer a marketer, but I became where marketers want to focus on, whom they want to effectively achieve their objective of communication strategy: the target audience. Nowadays everyone is aware of what marketing is capable of and everyone applies it to his or her own way, but eventually you will feel paralyzed when it comes to how to breathe new life into a marketing blackout. How do you begin?

Music and dance

I consider music and dance two powerful expressive elements. These two have always had my admiration and to relate both aspects to the current digital forms of communication is something I find very intriguing. The presentation of dance and music is admirable and very entertaining.  I consider Flamenco as an expressive dance and has everything that can be very well applied in a marketing strategy: attitude, attention, strength, beauty,  and not to mention control. With Flamenco the idea is to make an impression, and a marketing communication approach differs little from this. Here is why:

In the flamenco dance you can almost do nothing but be swept away in the steps that end up as hard blocks on the wooden floor and produce an intense sound and a compelling melody. Also I add the way the public’s attention is turned into an emotional affair with the exuberant performance. The dancer welcomes each and every one in the audience making her the perfect hostess, surprising the viewers with elements and epic movements, clearly and effectively! I give you the reasons why Flamenco is a motivational way to give new life to a dull marketing strategy:

  • Posture is key!

Flamenco is powerful because of the look, the attitude and the determination of the dancer and the musicians. Behind the dance there is a story that is clearly a very strong message that continues to resonate. Also in the marketing communication it’s important to know what is your new attitude when you come back in the marketing game. What is your communication strategy? Know that the strategy of your communication will make an impression and therefore the posture or attitude you’d like to set should be clear for yourself and for your target audience. In the communication, including the marketing part, you have to envision where you want to work towards.

  • Ceaseless continuation

A flamenco dancer is committed to his or her public. Period. The public must be convinced, moved and amused. Nowadays in marketing communication the focus is on a rebounding effect between the sender and the receiver, uninterrupted! What the recipient reads or hears he will in most cases want to know where the message comes from. By tracing the origin of the message he is also curious to know what more he can find on the sender. Do not assume that the audience will simply read text and that the information will be immediately perceived as truth. You will have to remain committed to the interaction with your audience. It may be that your communication is sometimes more successful than the time before, but make it your goal to find new ways in how you want to reach your target audience.

  • Solo dancing is also a group contribution

Flamenco seems at first sight to be a solo performance, but the musicians fill this performance, and also in setting up your comeback strategy you can use everything that is in your reach to make your approach efficiently and where necessary to make it bigger. Music, text, animation, collaborating with other parties, you name it!
In a flamenco dance, even the solo dancer is provided with everything she thinks is necessary to maximize her performance, so do not go soft on this one! O and choose where to build a peak moment or an important moment into your communication strategy. What should be your highlight? But, do not underestimate that your low-key moments will also determine the focus for your comeback. In that case just slightly reduce attention instead of going all quiet as if there is a blackout again.

  •   Performing to excel

Last but not least, Flamenco is with no doubt a performance to excel! As mentioned earlier the public must be convinced, moved and amused. This also applies in marketing communication, because the chance you take to bring out your communication should be an all or nothing strategy. Your comeback will determine whether you will simply get the attention of the public.

Note: This film of an excelling flamenco dance is posted in support of this blog post